A Message from the Director

As a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center is known for our seamless integration between patient care, research, education, and community outreach. Patients who come to us for their care enjoy the comforts of home in a world-class cancer center. In addition to providing state-of-the-art cancer therapies and novel clinical trial opportunities, the Perlmutter Cancer Center offers psychosocial support and integrative medicine services to help patients and their families manage the emotional and physical symptoms that may arise during cancer treatment. Through this approach, we care for the whole person, not just the disease.

When you come to us for your care, you can feel confident, comforted, and assured that you are getting the best care available

While we take such a big-picture approach to caring for patients, we also know that real progress against cancer will be made only by deciphering how the disease develops and progresses at the molecular level. Toward that end, we have a vigorous translational research program delving into the intricacies of cancer development. Our laboratory scientists and clinical researchers are complemented and informed by the findings of our population scientists, who glean clues about the cancer process by studying the disease in larger communities.

The most innovative anticancer therapies today target specific molecular defects that instigate cancer growth. The Perlmutter Cancer Center understands that this avenue of investigation yields the most promise. So we are developing a personalized medicine laboratory to define the unique molecular signatures underlying each patient's cancer.

Our work is enhanced by our membership in the larger New York University family. Perlmutter Cancer Center investigators collaborate with staff from the NYU School of Medicine, the NYU College of Dentistry, and the Washington Square campus downtown, whose faculty serve as an invaluable resource for our work.

Through community seminars, cancer screenings, and special programs for diverse populations, the Perlmutter Cancer Center also educates the many communities we serve and ensures that highly advanced cancer care and education are available to all. Ultimately, we endeavor to become a global institution that not only serves patients in this great city that is our home, but also develops new approaches to cancer prevention and treatments which may benefit people worldwide.

I hope as you visit this Web site, you'll get a sense of the optimism and enthusiasm we share at the Perlmutter Cancer Center as we work to meet our mission. When you come to us for your care, you can feel confident, comforted, and assured that you are getting the best care available, at a center dedicated to eradicating the burden of cancer locally, nationally, and globally.


William L. Carroll, MD
Julie and Edward J. Minskoff Professor of Pediatrics
Professor of Pathology
Director, Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center