Multidisciplinary Gastrointestinal Cancer Care

Gastrointestinal cancers-those that arise in the digestive tract-are the most common group of cancers in the United States, accounting for approximately 20 percent of all non-skin cancers. They include cancers of the esophagus, stomach, colon/rectum, small intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and biliary tract.

At the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, our physicians treat patients with all types of gastrointestinal cancers, including the most complex cases. We specialize in caring for patients who are interested in participating in a clinical trial; those with recurrent disease; and those whose disease persists despite treatments received elsewhere. Thanks to our experience caring for a large ethnically diverse patient population at Bellevue Hospital, we also specialize in treating patients of Asian ethnicity, particularly those with stomach or liver cancer.

Our gastrointestinal cancer experts evaluate and treat patients in the state-of-the-art Perlmutter Cancer Center, a collaborative, multidisciplinary clinic setting located on East 34th Street at Third Avenue. Patients can undergo diagnostic tests, learn the results of those tests, and receive a personalized treatment plan-all under the same roof. 

Our physicians also collaborate with laboratory investigators who conduct basic science research related to gastrointestinal cancers, using this research to develop novel treatment strategies which are evaluated in clinical trials. Through these studies, we make clinically relevant "bench-to-bedside" discoveries and develop targeted therapies.

Whether you are seeking a second opinion or are ready to start treatment, we encourage you to see one of our specialists to learn about your diagnostic and treatment options and make an informed decision about your care.