Multidisciplinary Melanoma Care

At the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, our renowned melanoma specialists treat more than 2,000 patients each year, including over 200 new melanoma patients. We strive to offer each patient personalized, informative care with unique, effective treatment options. Our team of professionals-including specialists in dermatology, environmental medicine, medicine, pathology, radiation oncology, radiology, and surgery-meets each month to discuss your condition, consider your lifestyle and needs, and create a personalized cancer care plan.

Patients with melanoma receive their care in the state-of-the-art Perlmutter Cancer Center, a collaborative, multidisciplinary clinic setting located on East 34th Street at Third Avenue. Patients can undergo diagnostic tests, learn the results of those tests, and receive a personalized treatment plan-all under the same roof.

Research serves as an important foundation of our commitment to furthering patient care. Our researchers examine risk factors for melanoma, markers of how melanoma progresses, differences in the biologic and genetic activity of melanoma, and approaches combining immunological, chemotherapeutic, and biological therapies for patients with melanoma. We are committed to developing novel treatment strategies that are evaluated in clinical trials. Through studies like these, we make clinically relevant "bench-to-bedside" discoveries and develop targeted therapies.

Whether you are seeking a second opinion or are ready to start treatment, we encourage you to see one of our specialists to learn about your diagnostic and treatment options and make an informed decision about your care.