Individual and Group Support

The supportive services team is here to help, listen and/or make connections. Please ask your physician, nurse practitioner, nurse or social worker for information. Expert consultations, referrals, home services and individual/group counseling available in Social Work, Psychiatry, Psychology, Physical Therapy and Nutrition.

If you have questions about scheduling an individual or group counseling session, please call 212.731.5480.


Support Groups

Caregiver Groups

Brain Cancer Caregivers Group
Tuesdays 12pm-1:30pm
RSVP: Elizabeth Litton, LCSW, 212.731.5107

Caregiver Open Conversations Group
Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm
RSVP: Carmen Morales, LCSW-R, 212.731.6056

Patient Groups

BRCA Group
Focused on the needs of young women
Thursdays at 6:00pm (once per month)
RSVP: Lisa Sevanick, LCSW, 212.731.5110

CLIMB® Program For Children Whose Parents, Guardians, or Caregivers Have Cancer
RSVP: 212.731.5106

Early Stage Breast Cancer Group
Tuesdays at 6:00pm
RSVP: Lisa Sevanick, LCSW, 212.731.5110

Living with Lung Cancer Group
Tuesdays at 6:00-7:30pm
Wednesdays at 2:00-3:30pm
RSVP: Janine Martino, LCSW, 212.731.5106
With generous support from The Stephen E. Banner Fund

Metastatic Breast Cancer Group
Wednesdays at 4:00pm
RSVP: Lisa Sevanick, LCSW, 212.731.5110

Oral or Head and Neck Cancer/SPOHNC
Meets first and third Thursday of the month, at 2:00pm
RSVP: Marc Plastrik, LCSW-R, 212.731.5411

Prostate Cancer Education Series
RSVP: 212.263.2266 and/or for upcoming dates
A collaboration of Perlmutter Cancer Center Community Outreach & Education and Supportive Services


Individual Support and Counseling

Brain/Neurologic Cancer Support
Elizabeth Lytton, LCSW, 212 731.5107

Breast Cancer Support
Lisa Sevanick, LCSW, 212.731.5110
Carmen Morales, LCSW-R, 212.731.6056 (for patients of Drs. Novik & Jhaveri)

Gastrointestinal Cancer Support
Deborah Koeppel, LCSW-R, 212.731.5108
Mark Plastrik, LCSW-R, 212.731.5411 (for patients of Dr. Balar and Dr. Lawrence Leichman)

Gynecologic Cancer Support
38th St: Tara McAteer, LCSW, 646.501.7621
34th St: Lisa Sevanick, LCSW, 212.731.5110

Hematologic Cancers and Blood Disorders Support
38th St: Leah Hamel, LMSW, 646.501.7604
38th St: Chris Nolin, LCSW-R, 646.501.7605

Living with Lung Cancer Support
Janine Martino, LCSW212.731.5106
With generous support from The Stephen E. Banner Fund

Melanoma Support
Deborah Koeppel, LCSW-R, 212.731.5108

Prostate Cancer Support
Marc Plastrik, LCSW-R, 212.731.5411

Radiation Therapy Support
Marc Plastrik, LCSW-R

Sarcoma Support
Deborah Koeppel, LCSW-R, 212 731-5108


Special Programs

Animal Assisted Therapy
Schedule varies
LL1, Lobby and 5th and 6th Floors
In collaboration with the Good Dog Foundation

Artist-In-Residence from The Creative Center
Wednesdays from 10:00am-3:00pm
Alternates between 5th Floor & 6th Floor
Offered in collaboration with the Therapeutic Recreation, Child Life & Creative Arts Therapies Department with generous support from the Auxiliary of NYU Langone Medical Center

Free Legal Assistance Consultations (NYLAG)
Every 2nd Wednesday of the month; 1:00-5:00pm RSVP: Contact your social worker or call 212.731.5480

“Look Good...Feel Better”
Beauty Sessions
RSVP: 212.731.5108 and/or for upcoming dates: Deborah Koeppel, LCSW-R
As a host site, we’re pleased to present this program provided by Personal Care Products Council Founda- tion, the American Cancer Society and the Profes- sional Beauty Association | National Cosmetology Association.

Nutrition Consultations
Please speak to your doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner.

Therapeutic Writing Course
Wednesdays at 3:30pm. Four- to Eight-Week Programs offered periodically
RSVP: 212.731.5480