2012 Awardees

Congratulations to our 2012 Collaborative Director's Seed Grant and Collaborative Pilot Project Awardees!


2012 Collaborative Director’s Seed Grant Awardees

Donna Shelley, MD, MPH & Scott Sherman, MD, MPH
Understanding the dissemination and implementation of smoking cessation treatment


2012 Collaborative Pilot Project Awardees

Yu Chen, PhD, MPH & Max Costa, PhD
A pilot study of global histone modifications and gastric premalignant lesions


Tomas Kirchhoff, PhD & David Polsky, MD, PhD
The discovery of high-penetrant disease-causing mutations in familial and multiple primary melanoma


Brian Dynlacht, PhD
The role of cilia assembly in pancreatic epithelial growth


George Miller, MD
Effect of the intestinal microbiome in promoting pancreatic carcinogenesis


John Carucci, MD, PhD
Defining the role of IL-22 in proliferation of squamous cell carcinoma in transplant recipients